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Whatever your payment processing needs, We have a pocket-friendly solution for your business.

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Are you paying too much for your card processing?

I have absolute confidence that I can save your business money and get you a better deal. Now, join with over 50,000 businesses in the UK who have made the choice to cut their costs, cap their rates and improve their service. My name is Nicholas Gould and I work with Paymentsense in the Leicestershire, Coventry & Warwickshire area.


We have card terminals for every type of business
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Accept payments securely through your website
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Process a transaction using your phone & computer
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Local, Face-to-face Savings

I've helped over 500 businesses in the Coventry and Warwickshire area to save money on their card processing. Business owners appreciate my no-nonsense approach and commitment to their business.

Don't believe we can save you £££? Take my Merchant Service challenge Today!

1 Provide a recent statement from your current provider. We will "red pen" like-for-like and illustrate savings

2 We will make you a written offer, capping headline rates with a Guarantee of no price increases going forward

3 If you are in an existing contract, we will buy you out up to £600 and do all the paperwork for you so there are no surprises


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